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Age 27
Languages French, English, Italian
Height 1.70m
Dress size 34
Lingerie 85 C
Hair Long brown
Eyes Brown
Resides in Marylebone
Perfume Bulgari
Flowers Orchids
Clothing Casual, business, trendy, classy, wild, feminine
Lingerie Cotton Club, La Perla, Passionata
Drinks Champaign
Cuisine Japanese, Italian

Introducing Rafaella

Rafaella resides in Marylebone. She's also conviently located for escort dates in Bayswater, Paddington and Kensington. She would also be delighted to visit you in Birmingham, Liverpool or any other city in UK, including worldwide travel assignments.

Since the beginning of our collaboration Rafaella has received many positive feedbacks. She can sometimes be a little bit shy at first, but don't let her fool you: Rafaella is a performer. For many years she has been a professional dancer. Her one-on-one lap dance / striptease is already legendary. Make no mistake: Rafaella’s personality is rich & decadent.

Dealing with Rafaella is always a pleasure: her professionalism and enthusiasm are not always likely to be found. She always tries to be well prepared & punctual. Service-wise Rafaella is an all-rounder, a full service is what to be expected. From gfe to pse, Rafaella will conquer hearts. Her enthusiasm is simply beyond compare.

She’s also fond of role-playing: sexy secretary, naughty nurse, teasing Mistress, … Shall we count you in? Fetish is the name, Rafaella is the game. Open minded with a big Ooooh.

Rafaella also likes to visit couples. Rafaella does not smoke but doesn't mind being in the company of smokers.

Escort model Rafaella - Testimonials

We very much appreciate your feedback: making a contribution to our ongoing effort to improve the services of our agency. In this respect all comments from our guests are helpful and valuable for us.

Frankfurt escort: ... Peter, just to give you an idea of what a wonderful person Rafaella is: After a fabolous date we were back in the airport waiting for our flights and I asked her if I could buy her a little present: she said "No, thanks, don't worry..."

Finally after some of my pushing, we saw some products and a parfum package from Gucci in particular. She must have noticed the price and probably thought it was too much. She said "no no, thank you" ... Afterwards we saw something else, a body cream kit, which we gladly accepted. I went back to the parfumzone and I took both the parfume Kit we saw first, together with the body cream kit... It was great to see how a little present could make her so happy.....After some coffee together we were in front of the gate when she asked me if I could watch over her bags, "she had to go to the ladies room" she said.... Just a few minutes later she came back with a bottle of Champagne as a gift for my birthday. If you ask me? Rafaella is simply the best.

Venlo, Nl: Every woman has her beauty (inside and outside) but find all in one is almost impossible. But not with Rafaella, she has it all! She is a stunning, sexy beauty with a good inside! Thanks it was great.

Escort Munich: It was great meeting with Rafaella for the overnight in Munich. Rarely I found someone so complete. When I met her in Airport I immediately recognized her: beautiful eyes, friendly and gentle. I felt like I've known her for years. A perfect balance of GFE and PSE. During social time she was very pleasant, someone with who you can enter in one of the best restaurants without being watched: even though she could be the centre of attention, she only had eyes for me. Perfect in every way: extremely elegant, perfect body, beautifully dressed, what could I ask for more?

Escort Munich: Hello Peter, Rafaella is a great girl. Stunningly attractive, nice person, fun to be with, open for surprises and gags, creative and also sweet. Also in the private time one could not ask for more. She is very open minded, sexy and does enjoy. The perfect escort lady. One could get addicted to her. Also I would like to mention that your and her response and reliability in any way was always fast and correct.

Escort Geneva: Nice girl. Very accomodating and pleasant :-)

Escort Frankfurt: Hi Peter! I have just come back after a fanastic meeting with Rafaella and I thougt that I should write you some feedback. First I must thank you for arranging everything and Rafaella could not be a better choice to replace Maya. I have never meet Maya, but Rafaella was everything I could hope for and much moore. Rafaella looked great when I meet her at the airport and from the first moment I had a very good time with her. It was like meeting a very good friend from the beginning, Rafaella is very good in conversation and her social skills is top class. Even if we only meet for 18-20 hours and time flied, it felt that I had known Rafaella for years and I felt more like she had choosen to meet me insteed of the other way arround. In private time Rafaella was fantastic, open minded and both active and submissive and I can´t ask for more. I especially like that she can be very girlfriend-like and cudle up in bed for a long time and long lasting kisses and in next minute turn over to be like a tiger in bed, really great. I will most definetive use your services again and hopefully I will also get the chance to meet Rafaella again and I hope she feels the same. I would appreciate if you could forward my great thanks to Rafaella and also if possible my feedback to her. Hopefully I will contact you in late august, early september for a new date with Rafaella.

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