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Age 27
Languages French, English, Italian
Height 1.70m
Dress size 34
Lingerie 85 C
Hair Long brown
Eyes Blue
Resides in Bayswater
Perfume Addict by Dior, Burberry
Flowers Roses
Clothing Prada
Lingerie La Perla
Drinks Wine
Cuisine Asian, Italian, French

Introducing Madonna

Madonna can be your ideal date for any occasion: she is a real woman with natural class and sophistication. Always very beautifully dressed and tastefully presented, she’s many men's most wanted arm candy. There’s no doubt Madonna is indeed a somewhat spoiled lady. Threat her nicely, be a gentleman and threat her like a lady, compliment her, make her sky-blue eyes shine …

Give & take: in return Madonna will be an endless source of enjoyment, laughter and beauty.

'Mens sano in corpore sano’. Madonna keeps a healthy life style. She’s a very skilled and experienced horse rider. She also likes to play tennis now and then. A quote I got out of her application file: ‘Positive things about me are that I am a good listener, people can always count on me, I have a good spirit, I am an open- minded person and when you are around me, you’ll have a great time, I’m always in for a laugh, fun is my middle name...’

Madonna does not smoke, but does not mind being in the company of smokers.

Escort model Madonna - Testimonials

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Belgium Escort Service: Bonjour Peter, Juste un petit mot pour vous dire combien j'ai apprécié le rdv avec Madonna, remerciez là encore de ma part.

Rome Escort Service: Hi Peter, really Madonna is a fantastic girl. She is very sweet and very intelligent. Thank you

Rome Escort Service: Solange and Madonna are two beautiful and really nice girls. About Solange, nothing negative to tell you: I really appreciate her beauty and her style. When I saw her ready to go to the restaurant, I needed ten minutes to admire her, from the endless legs to the hair... She was dressed with perfect elegance, high heels and you cannot imagine the expression of the taxi driver..... I saw Madonna: nicer than on the photo. Fantastic eyes and really nice look. Practically, two princess...

Belgium Escort Service: Hi Madonna, Meeting you made my short visit to Brussels one I will never forget. Next year I will be back, for a longer period and in a more "luxus" hotel. Hope we meet again.

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